Revival Heroes

Reading revival histories often inspires Christians and provokes them to seek God for new outpourings of the Spirit in their day. Many revivals were thus ignited.  At the heart of the histories are the heroes who made them possible. Though specifically chosen by God, their notable characteristics and qualities undeniably placed them on God’s short-list.  To carry God’s flame of revival demands a clear-sightedness and resolution of heart, not easily found in popular religion.

Their vision is fuelled by intimacy with God and forceful prayers. Their hearts are broken by the relics of an apostate Christendom. Unsatisfied with the status quo, they dedicate themselves to confronting beliefs and practices which have imperceptibly commandeered a once-vibrant church. Their imposing words crash like tsunami waves on the shores of their hearers’ minds, producing deep conviction, repentance, and restoration.

Read their stories and catch there fire!

man praying