Revival Timelines

Revival Timelines

Revival Timelines

We have compiled these revival timelines to help readers get a better understanding of the chronology, development and spread of each revival period. They have been collected using our own extensive records, compared with other timelines and chronologies that have been constructed by Geoff Waugh, Vynson Synan, Brian Edwards, Edwin Orr, Earle E. Cairns, R. E. Davies and many others.

They provide a brief overview of every revival period from Bible times to the 21st century, which we have gathered into 18 subsections, for easy reference.

Each period bears testimony to the ongoing work of God across the world as He advances the cause of Christ by outpourings of the Holy Spirit.


Clearly, there are thousands of ocurrences of revivals and awakenings recorded in historic literature and we are bound to have missed or mis-dated some. Please contact the librarian to report any additions, observations or corrections in these timelines.